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Creating a Vertical Slider was easier than yesterday's project besides some little malfunctions on my part

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·Dec 1, 2021·

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So I just completed my third project! Even though I had full step-by-step instruction on YouTube by Travesty Media, I still completed it. I'm starting to get more used to coding and gaining knowledge. This feels like a better learning path for me than freecodecamp.org where I was trying to digest all the information and knowledge by just reading and doing tutorials to no avail. The only thing I accomplished was confusion and anger.

I type pretty fast, I believe. I don't know how fast I type compared to other web developers so I can't make any assumptions and brag about my typing ability. The only issues I dealt with in today's project is minor typing errors where I spent a little time trying to figure out what was the issue. One point, I copied the finished project's index.html section and paste it to the index.html section I was working on because I couldn't find a minor error and it was irritating. I partially feel ashamed as I could've looked harder for the mistake. A method that I figured out to help myself was to copy a part of the finished project and paste it to the same project that I am working on to figure out the mistake. I believe it helps me learn better. On the positive side of missing minor mistakes, I spend more time in projects and learn more about the minor things that I am messing up on.

I really don't know when I will have a high comprehension of web developing and other endeavors in computer science, and I don't have an idea when I will have enough knowledge to apply for jobs in this department, but I just have to be patient and keep working. Balancing full-time college with a job, it doesn't let me spend more time as I want but I am determined to get better everyday! The goal is to do one project everyday no matter what. I feel exhausted due to being outdoors all day doing other chores, but I am passionate in becoming excellent in the world of computer science.

I will be posting tomorrow of my completion of my next project (I hope). Anyway, I hope you all have a great time in your specific endeavors.

Video by Travesty Media where I learned the project: youtube.com/watch?v=JkeyKeK3V24&t=2482s

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